Healthcare market research

Rynek medyczny

Healthcare market include medical and pharmaceutical market. They are both very competitive. That is because of its growth rate. Today it is worth billions of dollars and is expecting to be worth more than trillions of dollars by the end of this decade. Its biggest companies in the world are: Pfizer, Novartis, Teva, Johnson & Johnson. They have more than a third its share in this growth. Of course, the main geographical market for these companies is North America, which is responsible for the largest portion of its growth. US pharmaceutical and medical industry has a leading role in these industry. But as in many other industries, there are emerging markets with great competitors for old corporations. So, as you can see, it is essential for most of the companies on these market, to obtain accurate and actual data, which help them build and maintain strong position.


Healthcare market research Poland

Before the research process company representatives has to choose between many medical market research Poland companies. The easiest way to do that, is to search for portfolio and recommendations and check them via Internet or telephone. The best market research agency should be the one with many strong clients, a big team of statistics and analytics, and techniques specialists (moderators, interviewers and pollsters/mystery clients). The first phase in the research is to prepare whole process, which means appropriate selections of research areas (e.g. landscape of a market, measuring new products and concepts, understanding the decision making process), research methods and techniques (e.g. telephone interviewing, computer assisted questionnaires, online questionnaires, individual in-depth interviewing, focus group interviewing, mystery client, case studies, desk research, SWOT analysis; one of them or combing a few techniques from quantitative and qualitative methods), target groups (e.g. patients, physicians, medical staff, pharmacists) and other elements of a survey. Then the research agency is ready to implement a survey.


How to implement a survey

Implementation of a pharmaceutical marketing surveys process depends deeply on the conception of the whole research. When you have those conception, you can find and instruct properly moderators, interviewers and pollsters about how many people to ask in surveys and interviews, where, when, about what. You obtain data in specific period, which is sometimes very difficult. Then you can go to the last phase, which is analysis (including statistics and visualization of data). Research team can obtain information by patients/customers, physicians, pharmacists about, for example: advertising process, brand equity, customer satisfaction, distribution channels, or price sensitivity. How to use it, depends on company’s representatives.

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