Medical market research

The healthcare industry has a goal to improve lives of its patients/customers. Medical research is a great tool for this task. But medical and pharmaceutical companies need something more, which is medical market research and medical marketing research. They need health statistics, and gather data from patients and members of the medical community.

Dedicated for a specific company research projects are designed in consultation with marketing, sales, and product development managers, to provide results that directly answer the questions that will influence product development and marketing strategies. Experts from the market research agency can ask business clients about a need of a new product design, competitive share assessment, cost reduction, product repositioning, pricing and value analysis, measuring and improving customer satisfaction.


There is a vast choice of studies dedicated to medical market research Poland. Every company from pharmaceutical industry and medial industry should consider to conduct them. For example: market research, marketing research, epidemiological research, opinion surveys and price research. As a company representative in medical industry, you also need analysis of brand awareness and brand image. This is possible with the use of two main research methods: quantitative and qualitative. Within them you can find many techniques, such as: pen and paper personal interview (PAPI), computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) computer assisted telephone interview (CATI), computer assisted web interview (CAWI), expert panels, individual in-depth interview (IDI) focus group interview (FGI), mystery shopping, case studies, SWOT analysis, desk research etc.


Company in medical or pharmaceutical industry does not have enough experience to conduct market or marketing surveys. For that they need professional marketing research agency. With the help of its experienced staff, it is possible to obtain reliable and actual data, necessary to develop a company. It should have long-term experience in the field of pharmaceutical industry, in both marketing research  and in the registration process of medical products or clinical trials. It should conduct research for Rx and OTC drug segment. Its projects and analysis should based on statistical methods. Using the collected data should be for them a priority.

You can contract medical market research (launch of new medical products on Polish and CEE market), patient satisfaction surveys, brand awareness research and analysis of purchasing habits, price analysis, advertising effectiveness research, research on substitution prescriptions at pharmacies, research on the effectiveness of medical representatives (message recall, recall test), preferences research. The best market research company in Poland has to reach consumers, doctors, pharmacists, medical staff, nurses.

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