FMCG market research in Poland

Managers of FMCG industry companies have many concerns. This market is extremely competitive, but worth billions of dollars. That is why you have to be perfectly prepared for existing on it. For example, after a brand is launched and brand promotion is in action, there is need for retail audit and special monitor for reporting effectiveness of such campaign. Sometimes you need to monitor large number of customers, shops and/or employees. That can provide indicators of company performance far more effectively than almost any other measure. For that, it is recommended to conduct a combination of qualitative and quantitative enquiry. Besides, it is recommended to test a merchandising option on a small scale before national level adoption. But methodology of each FMCG market research project depends on the objective. For that FMCG company need professional market surveys agency with experienced team of researchers. They obtain accurate data and conduct analysis required to understand consumer trends, and help FMCG company’s officials to make good business decisions to maintain and strengthen market position.

Research project

Research process of different products and different groups of clients requires different approaches. Market research Poland agency has to tailor project to the needs of a FMCG company. Before everything else it is crucial to decide which aspects of company’s activity to study, on which target group and which methods and techniques to use. Depending on the research objectives, FMCG market surveys in Poland analysts can offer telephone interviewing (CATI), web surveys (CAWI), traditional questionnaires (PAPI), computer assisted personal interviews (CAPI), in-depth individual interviews (IDI), focus group interviews (FGI), central location tests, in-home usage tests, mystery shopper, case studies, desk research and many more. Everything for better identify and fully understand market. This will allow company’s officials to specifically target the customers which they really want to serve.

Research professionals

The best Polish marketing research agency may help you in the task of obtaining those data. With various experienced staff with extensive background in this industry it can bring you clear insight into consumers, market cooperators and competitors. They obtain data about consumers, products, sale, cooperatives, competitors, package design, satisfaction and other themes. In Poland FMCG surveys it is recommended to use qualitative and quantitative techniques, both online and offline. For example brand positioning, packaging testing, range optimization, category management, new product development, ad testing, consumer insights, segmentation research, measurements of products presence in the media, including social media, purchase decision process.

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