Market research and opinion research

If you want to know as much as possible about residents, customers, voters or patients opinions, needs, habits or decisions, you should invest in market research and opinion polls. So, if you are a representative of a company, politician, an official or a scientist, you may to contact out such research and surveys. The best market research agency in Poland can offer complete solutions within the field of market research, surveys, opinion research, and opinion polls. Such agency collect those opinions on a wide range of data acquisition methods.

Scope of information

Professional market research company can obtain data in research such as: marketing research, marketing research for pharmacy industry, market research Poland, opinion surveys Poland, mystery shopper survey, social research, labor market research, evaluations, local and nationwide soundings, research on the level of public services quality. It conducts the research using all available tools and research methods, e.g. direct standardized questionnaire interviews (PAPI), computer assisted questionnaire-based interviews (CAPI), telephone surveys (CATI), on-line surveys (CAWI), individual in-depth interviews (IDI), focus group interviews (FGI), desk research analysis, SWOT analysis, case studies and many more. Experienced professionals from the market research agency conduct for the clients the entire research process. It includes complete design of the research process and database preparation, data gathering, supervising of the data entry process, preparing the data for a particular statistical analysis, data analysis and preparing of the report/conclusions.

Advanced methods and dedicated applications

After you gathered data you may not be prepared to use them. You need professional analysis of those information. For that market research agencies apply advanced methods in analyzing research results. Statisticians can use non-standard research methods and techniques to expand the research fields and guarantee individual approach to each project.

Sometimes for that you need innovative applications, which carry out sophisticated optimization tasks, which allows improving reserahc process and procedures. For example Internet/Web/mobile applications for CAPI, web services and IT systems with browser-based interface for CAWI, systems of reporting, databases, medical apps, eCRF apps with sophisticated systems of reporting. The best one is CATI-System – one platform for many research projects. It was designed for complex implementation of statistical surveys. It will provide support for CATI, CAWI and CAPI projects. The second one is eCRF – a platform created for complex maintenance of medical research projects. It is a fully functional system (Clinical Data Management System) for conducting clinical trials, observational studies, post marketing surveillance and registry online.

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