Market research for pharmacy Poland

If you are a representative of pharmaceutical company or medical company, you have many concerns about developing of the company. That is why this so important to research market, clients, competitors, distributive channels, generic and Rx medicines, and developing strategies. Especially drugs, because they are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the patenting, testing and marketing of drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is now one of the most successful and influential industries, and is a perfect subject of market research.

Healthcare market research Poland

For healthcare companies professional market agencies offer analysis of customer behavior, market dynamics and regulations, market analysis including sales forecasts, competitor tracking, physicians and patients satisfaction. For these purposes you may use primary and secondary research. Secondary research is, for example, desk research and SWOT analysis. It is about seeking out existing research and data (e.g. census data, government regulations, company’s’ data). The best thing about secondary research is that is it often free and it usually can be done quickly.  Primary research is divided onto qualitative and quantitative research. Within qualitative research you can find FGI, which is focus group interview, IDI, which is individual in-depth interview, mystery shopper, or case studies and many more. Within quantitative studies you can find CATI, which is computer assisted telephone interview, CAPI, which is computer assisted personal interview, CAWI, which is computer assisted web interview and PAPI, which is paper and pen personal interview. In marketing research for pharmacy Poland you can use one of them or more of them, but usually it is recommend to use at least two, this way, that one is qualitative technique and the other is quantitative. Everything for proper use of consumer insights, packaging concept tests, advertising concept tests, advertising campaign effectiveness studies, decision-making process studies, medical market surveys and others.

Pharmaceutical market research Poland – details

We offer you an authorial method of two-step data analysis, which isis based on conducting of two types of research. The first one is used to obtain individual opinions of the representatives of target group on a given topic, for example by in-depth interviews. After this first step we analyse the data and use the results to create research tool for the second step – focus group interviews. We provide you a strict selection of the respondents, according to: demographic and economic variables, lifestyle, shopping preferences and experiences, health situation. Our research have explorative character, and apart from obtaining new information, enable verification of the interviews from the first-step.

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