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Welcome on the Ortmedical company website. This website is directed to business owners, managers and marketing departments staff.

Ortmedical is specializing in modern technologies using in marketing, especially in medical and pharmaceutical industry marketing. This is strictly an information website, which can help you get a closer look to our offer in the field of marketing research, market research, public opinion polls, medical market research, pharmaceutical marketing research, statistics, biostatistics, dedicated applications.

The research we conducted for our clients guarantee them reliable, actual outcomes, which can help build a faster growth and development. We kindly invite you to learn more about our offer.

Dedicated applications

When you are a company manager, it is difficult to imagine running a business without devices such as computer or smartfon with access to the Internet. The basis for the survive on the market is not only easily accessible, good product or service for an affordable price. All the background for production and sales is supported by professional software. Even in small businesses. There is simply too much information today, to gather them and process in traditional way. The companies, regardless of size, must therefore invest in professional IT solutions. On the market are available universal, low-cost tools, but they are sufficient for micro enterprises and small companies. Larger organizations prefer to invest in tailor-made systems, such as flexible software which can be specifically customized to the needs.

Programs for companies

Because of an increasing demand for such software, companies specializes in gathering and processing of the data, are developing IT departments and further develop database applications, medical applications and CRM systems. Because of this they can offer dedicated applications. The mechanism of this applications, systems, portals and platforms, works this way, that general program, eg. for sales service, is tailored to specific needs of a company. Current state and prospects of development are taken into consideration. Because of that contracting company has a chance to obtain programs on a request, which – through flexible licenses, automatic updates and support of the IT specialists from the company that sells them – will be used for many years. Such software for companies are useful for accountancy services, human resources services, sales or/and production management, contact with the customers, analytical work, and data management. Dedicated applications means easier time, tasks, team, production and sales management.

Commercial software

Tailor-made programs are recommended to all companies for which MS Office or any other universal program is no longer sufficient. Software agencies can offer them the hosting of business, database and web applications on virtual servers, which provides with the greatest amount of flexibility and scalability. Thanks to flexible virtualisation, resources can be aligned to one’s current needs in the shortest amount of time. It is a stable platform for the operation of business-critical applications. This means also a leased server reserved for company provides it with computing capacity (SaaS or OnCloud mode). Resources can be added and removed quickly and easily at any time, program operate with the most popular system variations (Windows, Linux) and a wide range of options enable flexible, needs-based solutions, quick access to innovations and the latest technologies, no investments in developing internal know-how, no need for own server: reducing the costs.

Diversity of the marketing research

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market is a very capacious concept. Within it are existing together different industries, with different customers and consumer habits. It brings together tobacco producers, hygiene products, food manufacturers, drinks producers and others. Sometimes consumers chose their products by brand, but usually they do not consider such aspects and get the cheapest product or the product, which they usually buy every time when they are in shop.

Marketing research

Conducting of FMCG marketing research Poland should be the key factor in the development process of brand strategy and other company’s strategies. There is very important to determine needs and requirements and suggestions of target groups. That is why FMCG industry should conduct marketing research in Poland with the help of the best market research agencies in Poland. Experienced team of the market research company is the key value which help to build an accurate and reliable research and its results. High-skilled specialists possess knowledge of this industry, its brands, products, services, and they possess knowledge about perfect market research analysis.

Research methods and techniques

The most widespread methods for FMCG are qualitative research, but is also possible to conduct this studies by the use of quantitative method. The priority should be developing of a client profile and her/his selection scheme. Qualitative research is conducting by experienced team of moderators, with the use of interviews scenarios and recording devices. The main goal of moderators should be reveal of the consumers decision process scheme. Information gathered this way are not sufficient, so it is recommended to implement quantitative techniques for more data to compare them.

Two methods

In qualitative research you can find IDI, which is individual in-depth interview (interview with one person), FGI, which is focus group interview (interview with more persons), mystery shopping, which is a research about staff service quality, case studies and many more. You can also use desk research, SWOT analysis, statistics. In the field of quantitative research you can find CATI, which is computer assisted telephone interviews, CAPI – computer assisted personal interview, CAWI – computer assisted web interview, PAPI – pen and paper personal interview. Every one of them with the use of dedicated applications, and research software.

Utility of the research

When you get information about your clients, cooperators or competition, you can use them to build a proper development strategy with information and advertising campaigns. You can reach out to current and future consumers. Market research Poland is a key to establish advantages of your company.